Order Smart Level


Smart Level App Connects by Bluetooth

    • View elevation readings in real time or store data for use later
    • Custom Name elevation points
      e.g. – Back Porch Step = 0, South Back Corner = -18.5” etc.
    • Allow the user to plot height, direction and angular measurements, along with notes
    • Generate graphs and charts on your laptop or smart device in real time

Flexible Increments

    • For establishing grades and distances

Export Data

    • Export Data into Excel
    • Export Data as “PNG” image format

Auto Zero

    • Set any point as your “0” reference point

Quality Central Processor

    • Captures data points quickly and precisely
    • Backlit display for easy reading in dark or dim lighting

Imperial or Metric

    • Capture data in Imperial or Metric
    • Set your own desired increments
    • Set a custom margin of error for quick calculations


Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 23 × 9 in